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Special Screws & Bolts include Standard Screws & Non-Standard Screws and could be produced according to international standard DIN / ISO / IFI / JIS / GS…etc. 

Special screws and bolts are normally used in automotive, bicycles, construction and furniture. The screw size can be produced according to customer requirements.

Special screws & bolts are suitable for aluminum alloy wheels of various European vehicles, with high tensile strength, the maximum strength could be more than class 10.9.


l  Material: Iron, Alloy Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel…etc.

l  Surface: Zinc, Color Zinc, Zinc-Nickel plating, Chromium, DACROTIZING…etc.

l  Size: 3/16 ~ 5/8 , M3 ~ M14

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